Podcast Love

  • faithful follower of Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Friday afternoon podcast on movies. The best there is. Download on iTunes or listen live via BBC Radio 5Live
  • Interested in The Business? KCRW's The Business podcast tells you what's going on in Hollywood land. Download on iTunes or via the site. 
  • a wonderful interview with Laura Linney on NPR FreshAir. An excerpt: ".. as I've been aging, and parents are dying and I've unfortunately lost friends who were way too young to go — you realize what a privilege it is to age. And that's not a message we hear a lot in the United States." Download the podcast at NPR
  • for all things culture, film and music, follow @evelinginparis on Twitter. Eve Jackson is the cultural reporter for the english version of France24. You can find her on the actual channel if you have a satellite dish otherwise online (click on France24 above) I've yet to discover if I'll be able to get France24 in the States (I hope so). Ms. Jackson's coverage of the Cannes Film Festival is especially smart and refreshing. 
  • idonethis.com it's brilliant. You receive an email at any time of day you want; you enter bullet points of what you've done that day - anything you want - there is a calendar you can check with all the things you've done plus the mails you receive every day summarize what you've done 'yesterday, last week and/or six months ago'. Like a mini journal. I love it. Update: you can add links to your instagram account which means you'll receive visual reminders of things you've done. Truly one of the best sites ever.
  • most practical app for travelers with ipad: WorldClock
  • smart and funny: check out Scribatious: Eve Harvey and Cath Murphy do podcasts and talk about smart stuff like books. Official blurb: the only naked podcast about books. They are quite awesome. 
  • nourishment for the brain: subscribe to the podcast Slate Culture gabfest. It's fabulous. Three eloquent people discuss culturally relevant topics (okay; that description sounds completely boring. It's not. Go have a listen. They swear a lot which can only mean good things. )
  • current favorite app: MyFitnessPal. You can download it onto your iphone and/or go to the website myfitnesspal.com. It's a free calorie counter and exercise monitor. A great companion who tracks your progress.  

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