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The fashion/culture blog "Lola Channing" was created by Veronika Kaufmann. Lola curtsies to the style and wit of Old Hollywood, the grace and poise of ballet dancers and the importance of a great coat. Lola focuses on a minimalist approach to fashion (really,buy less crap**) and a prodigious approach to books. Oh, and mystery. A touch of stylish reserve is never verkehrt. Veronika was born in the US to Austrian parents. This resulted in cultural cross-pollination, bilingualism, burgers and ballet. Some of her experiences and observations are revealed here; more in her upcoming book: burgers and ballet, my life in a bun, a style guide

A selection of Lola's best posts here
me at MoMa, NYC
me looking for the hotel in Venice
me at uni
me at my parents house
me enjoying the view
me at the Funicolare, Capri. That's the funicolare guy
me in my parents backyard

 **buy less crap: Vivienne Westwood said: buy less, buy well. That is something I've taken to heart in all areas of my life. When it comes to clothing, something I read recently on Alyson Walsh's blog 'thatsnotmyage.com' makes sense: don't buy a piece of clothing unless you think you'll wear it at least 30 times. A pretty good rule of thumb, especially for the more expensive items.

the buy less, buy well credo can be applied to all aspects of your life: beauty products, wardrobe, food, furniture, gadgets & gimmicky stuff. Think before you buy. But more on that in my upcoming book burgers and ballet, my life in a bun, a style guide. If you like romance, history and time travel, I have published 'the french girl' under my romance novel pseudonym Lola Channing, currently available to read for free here

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