January 17, 2016

the layered look and other androgenous things

Andrea Pompilio Fall 2016 Menswear
I don't quite understand why some designers mix in womens wear during the menswear shows (and vice versa) but they do. You'd think they have enough to do with the womens wear collections coming up in less than a month. Well, Miuccia Prada mixed in the most during her menswear collection yesterday. And lovely the coats were.  You can find more here

One thing I have noticed going through the 2016 menswear collections this afternoon: so many of the looks are looks we can copy/be inspired by too. Color combinations, lines, styles and layering: menswear is the place to look. I also noticed this: all the looks, well, many of the looks are perfect for us older gals. Seriously. Why? Because - for the most part - the clothes are styled looser and more flowing and the colors are muted, rich earth colors which I find more flattering anyway and frankly, classier for the older gal. Okay. I do abhor anything remotely connected to 'age-appropriate' styles and dressing for I do believe one should wear whatever the hell one likes. And anything I write here reflects my personal opinion and style (obviously). I never liked tight clothes, I never liked bright clothes (even my skinny jeans are stretchy) so looking to menswear makes sense, especially since the differences between menswear and womens wear is ever more fluid. I like that. Oh, and the bags at the Tod's show are to die for as bags remain of the utmost importance i.e. longevity. They never go out of style, you don't have to get undressed in inhuman lighting conditions and it doesn't matter if you have cake for breakfast. Check out the bags and more cool menswear my pinterest board: best of menswear (saves you going through all the designers. See? I am nice that way)

have a lovely week lovelies and spread the word since I shall be more diligent in posting worthy postables this year. One advantage over most other sites: no ads, nasty pop-ups, or calls to sign up for my newsletter. You are welcome.

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