October 23, 2015

red carpetry: Hilary and Helen in Tokyo

Hilary Swank in Giambattista Valli Couture 2014
It's a gorgeous dress for movement.

Hilary Swank in Tokyo wearing Giambattista Valli
however, I do feel it belongs to a stylist's job to know what the background color palette will be when the celebrities are photographed. White on white simply won't work. Ms. Swank has the standard hair and strapless gown look which I find dull. Having said that, the dress moves well.

Helen Mirren in Bagdley Mischka
I don't like it. I hate the sheer shoulders and sleeves - way too old-fashioned and the skirt? Well, curtains.

Helen Mirren at the Tokyo International Film Festival
here again I must fault the stylist who chose white. Even when Ms. Mirren is not standing in front the of marquee, she looks washed out, which is a shame, since the lovely Helen has a 'I've just spent two weeks on the beach' glow. The gown is horrid in any case so I suppose it doesn't matter what she is posing in front of.

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