October 9, 2015

lingerie love: Lena Hoschek for Palmers

Lena Hoschek capsule collection for Palmers. We're loving the trachten green, omnipresent in Austrian traditional dress. A lovely dichotomy paired with silks and satins.

Our favorite Austrian designer, Lena Hoschek of the swinging, sexy, feminine silhouettes with a decidedly retro gaze (think wasp-waist, rock n roll, Austrian folklore and the playful sweep of full skirts) has launched her first lingerie collection for the Austrian lingerie house Palmers. Now, anyone not familiar with this brand can't realize the significance of such an event.

Palmers was founded in 1914 by Ludwig Palmer.What started as a no-nonsense scrap business (he sold sensible underwear, aprons and material scraps) turned into one of the most successful Austrian labels. Over the years, the company expanded and took gleeful joy in calculated riské advertising. Add to that the ever enticing lure of sensationalist headlines : The heir to the business throne, Walter Palmer, was kidnapped in 1977 (kidnapping was very popular during the 1970s in Europe and obviously a lucrative source of income)  He was eventually released after a 2.2 million euro ransom was paid. Two of the kidnappers were caught, if you must know. Sex and crime always go well together, don't you find?

Palmers fortunes steadily increased, well into the 1990s. Their clever and at times outrage-inducing billboards contributed to the company's success. I remember looking forward to their bi-annual billboard campaigns released around Vienna. I'm quite sure I wasn't the only one who smiled when the new billboards were unveiled.

one of many famous billboards Palmers regularly released before the holiday shopping season in 2008.

Due to the rise of chains like H&M, the fortunes of the company did decline, branches had to be closed and big investors moved in. The worst appears over and Palmers is regaining lost ground. I think they realized it's useless to compete against giants and are securing their niche with mid-range products.

Lena Hoschek's capsule collection for Palmers goes on sale November 6th in participating branches and online with prices ranging between 44 and 199 Euros. The collection itself is keeping to the lustful colors: ruby red, emerald green and midnight blue using the traditional lingerie staples of silk, satin and lace. The Austrian remains well-dressed underneath. 

Lena Hoschek for Palmers

teaser poster for Lena Hoschek's lingerie collection 

To see the entire collection now, please visit woman 
to buy the collection from the 6th of November, go directly to Palmers

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