September 2, 2015

what you need in September: a minimalist's wardrobe view

Comptoir des Cotonniers fall winter 2015
Be ready when the weather suddenly makes anyone look ridiculous wearing strappy sandals. Have you noticed that too? When the weather transitions, you always see the stragglers? I notice the winter stragglers - those who won't abandon coats and scarves until they're drenched in sweat. Or the summer stragglers: can't let go of that summer feeling even if it means blue toes, fingers and chattering teeth. Or the unshakable summer stragglers returning from a late summer holiday in shorts, arriving at the airport with tanned legs and a straw hat, head out the door to the waiting cars and get frost bite. I think I may have done that once or twice.The urge to display sun-kissed skin when it's cold at home is just too tempting.

Back to the task at hand: look through your fall/winter clothes. Pull out what works, add to that if needed. A basic late summer/early fall essentially casual look you can change up, to push in either direction - workinggirl or Saturday morning stroll:
a good pair of pants (opt for a pair of black or dark green pants - change it up. They work with sneakers, they work with ankle boots)
a good pair of not-too skinny jeans 
a t-shirt in crimson, navy blue or black
a white cotton shirt - can be worn alone, can be worn underneath a sweater 
a cashmere sweater in your bag when it cools off evenings
a trench coat or other lighter coat (I love the 6397 coat below)
a scarf (never leave the house without a scarf because even with a lighter jacket, the scarf will keep you warm and toasty)
a pair of white sneakers (because they go with everything and get dirty fast which is a good thing because new and white doesn't work)
a pair of low-heeled ankle boots (black always good, brown too)  
a pair of loafers 
a good classic large tote in black, brown or wine red (preferable matching the leather shoes - pulls a casual outfit together like nobody's business)

these items will see you through until at least mid-October. While you have time to mull and peruse what you may need for the winter months (hint: it's a coat) 

6397 fall winter 2015

Tomas Maier fall winter 2015

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