September 5, 2015

Venice Film Festival: day two and three


what a lovely gown Ms.Kruger. As always you may be relied upon to grace the red carpet delightfully. Premiere of Black Mass.

Juliette Binoche in Armani Privé doing something or other there. Ms. Binoche, you are welcome anywhere you go. We adore you.

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult along with the director of a movie I have forgotten the title of but I shall amend.

Dakota Johnson pasty in pink at the premiere of Black Mass, where she plays Whitey Bolger's girlfriend. The movie has gotten superb reviews aka Oscar buzz for Mr. Depp.

she really does have that 'sex kitten' vibe, doesn't she? Schlafzimmer Blick you'd call it in German.

Johnny Depp and wife Amber Heard at the premiere of Black Mass.

I have no idea why I am posting three photos because, frankly, he looks tired and fat. The shoes are horrendous. And Amber's looking at him, like "I'll get you back into that wheelchair in no time, sugar."

But I guess that's your perrogative when you have young wife, a private island and an estate in France so actually, kinda cool. I'd do that too. Come in my tighty whites, flip flops and a Gilligan hat.

photos courtesy of daily mirror


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