September 4, 2015

Venice Film Festival: day one



I imagine being a member of a film festival jury to be one of the coolest jobs in the world: you get red carpet time without the extreme pressure, you get to watch all the films, you get to discuss those films with other smart passionate people, you get to have a say in what wins. Diane Kruger currently is filling that position in Venice. Glad to see she is doing something worthwhile. In Prada.

Elizabeth Banks, actress and director of Pitch Perfect is also on the jury.

Allessandra Ambroisio is a L'Oreal ambassador. Also a great job if you can get it: paid vacation to the collest festivals while showing your mug to sell horrible products. A friend of mine worked for L'Oreal ao I got some inside information on how much money is spent for innovation and ingredients and how much is spent on promotion and advertising. Take a wild guess where L'Oreal spends most of its budget.

The guys have it best. Chilling on a Riva in Venice eating pasta.

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