September 20, 2015

ten trends and looks from the 2016 shows you can wear now

leather (faux or not) trousers are still going to be a thing come 2016. We consider anything leather a staple. Add a faux fur jacket too, its longevity on-going.
the boyfriend shirt (just means a slighter looser fit) paired with a tailored jacket* with cropped trousers. If you like, belt it.
*next season's tailored jackets are longer and slightly looser fitting and have the 80s in mind. 

that longer tailored jacket over a free-flowing feminine dress. Please note: hemlines are definitely knee-length or longer next season. We hardly saw minis. So go for the longer length lovelies.
the dress. We've seen so many versions of the ultra feminine chiffon dress on so many runways, it's a veritable joy. So much to choose from. Most are modest, most are made of chiffons, viscose, soft cottons, and some satin and silks. Many had the eye-catching slits. Most had sleeves (short, sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves - what a joy)  We are loving most. Get yourself a chiffon dress. Pair with a jacket. Pair with faux fur. You'll look divine.

black and white is always with us. For a fresh take, the cropped pants and the looser white shirt.
the bomber jacket; made its appearance two seasons ago and will be with us still come next Spring 2016.

faux fur coats. to keep it fresh, wear over cropped pants and the high-necked blouse. 

that seventies style blouse with the high neck. Oh yes.
heres the chiffon dress, heres the faux fur. They love each other.

a leather skirt wants a soft blouse and sweater to offset the tough leather look.

all looks from the TopShop Unique Spring Summer 2016 collection, shown this morning at London Fashion Week. We love TopShop. Affordable cool clothes and you can basically buy your entire wardrobe there without looking like you bought it at one place. Bei mir bist du schön. 

If you wondering what shoes and/or boots to wear for the fall: get yourself a pair of Mary Janes with a chunky heel. Works with so many things, especially the dresses. 

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