August 13, 2015

we all love sexy lingerie, right?

love boudoir bra

truffle silk and lace bra

tiger suspender Camisole
truffle silk and lace slip

We all love sexy lingerie right? Or at least, we love looking at pictures of girls in sexy lingerie. The idea of wearing silks, satins and lacy undergarments is appealing in theory, but sometimes, actually wearing lacy under garments is, well, uncomfortable, no? Give me nice pair of cotton granny bloomers over a pair of silk panties any day. Well, most any day. It depends. Some lingerie is okay and doesn't make you twitch because of excessive bottom cleavage. I do not like undies with excessive bottom cleavage. It's uncomfortable and rides up even more. The seamless non-panty-line-inducing silk panties are the best. Don't get me started on thongs. Does anyone wear thongs anymore? They are the worst. At the height of "show me your thong I'll show you mine" I gave it a go but cried uncle in favor of comfy cotton bloomers.

When I look at all the brands - Victoria's Secret, Agent Provocateur, Aubade, Damaris, La Perla, etc -  I feel the designs are designed more for the onlooker than the wearer (awfully insightful revelation. I'm aware) Which is fine I suppose. My modus operandi: if you feel comfortable, you are more prone to feel sexy. Voila. That's my credo when buying lingerie. In the meanwhile, we can all continue to look and dream, fantasize and all that nice stuff. 

nota bene on Bloomers: bloomers can be sexy too. Watch "Dancing Lady" when Joan Crawford strips (the stripping part must be understood very loosely here, it was 1933 after all) down to a sparkly brassiere and sparkly granny panties. She and the rest of the showgirls looked fab. So, really, it is not about the amount of skin you show in your preferred undergarment wardrobe but how you move. Take a class in pole dancing instead. True story.
Dancing Lady, 1933 starring Joan Crawford

So here you go. Fleur of England has lingerie I'd consider wearing. Except for the tiger suspender camisole. Under no circumstances. Ever.

Trivia: lingerie comes from French, was in common use from the 1850s and meant back then linen underwear for both sexes. 

Fleur of England lingerie available here

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