August 18, 2015

travel love: the art of a grand entrance


Marilyn Monroe arriving at La Guardia Airport, 1959

Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe, 1956

Marilyn Monroe at La Guardia, 1961

Marilyn Monroe at Los Angeles Airport, 1956

Twiggy, 1966

Mel Ferrer and Audrey Hepburn at Le Bourget, 1955

Jacqueline Kennedy at La Guardia, arriving on the family plane, 1964

Paul Newman arriving in Venice, 1963

Once the mobile stair cases disappeared off the runways of the world, the art of glamour arrivals were wheeled out with them. You cannot deplane in a glamourous manner through one of those retractable airport arms. Not possible. Now, the paps are poised on the curb, waiting to see who gets into the limos waiting at the arrivals area.

I won't say the wheely staircase ie disembarking on the runway has disappeared from all airports. You can land in Papua, Indonesia for example. I would like to mention the humidity factor though. Glam coats are out. Flip flops too otherwise you may trip while descending. Also not conducive to a regal entrance.

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