August 5, 2015

how to do easy elegance in August


easy elegance is the motto of the month. It's still summer, can still get very hot but cooler days are ahead plus we should slowly get into back-to-school mode (which is code for back to the working world).

Linda Rodin (above) has the elegance down to perfection. She's just cool. Her look (and all the below) broken down into what makes a look elegant and easy.

What makes Ms. Rodin's look elegant: the shades, the lipstick, the fitted lace sleeved top in black.

the easy: the sweet swinging skirt, the colors, the low-heeled Mary Janes.

the elegant: the pencil skirt, the pumps, the shades, the bag color-coded in beiges and ivories. 

the easy: the hair and the top.

the elegance: the black pencil skirt, the jacket drapped over shoulders

the easy: the heart tee, the low-heeled sandals

the elegant: the hair, the shades, the lipstick, the bag, the shoes (gold-colored), the fitted structured jacket

the easy: the jeans, the shirt, the color of the jacket, the shoe style (rounded toe, thicker heel)

the elegant: the black dress, the v-cut out back of the dress, the hair in a bun, the bag, the jacket, the matching colors of flats, bag, jacket

the easy: the ballerinas, the hair (yes, hair in a bun is both easy and elegant), the summer style of the LBD

the elegant: the shades, the nail color, the dress, the bag, the colors (grey-blue paired with olive green)

the easy: the strappy flat sandals, the comfy cosy sweater, 


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