August 4, 2015

best September covers

Nicole Kidman for Vogue Australia September 2015
Thank you gofugyourself for pointing me in the direction of Ms. Kidman's latest cover. Her last cover, for Vogue US, August edition, was, to put it mildly, a catastrophe. Not her fault. The cover was airbrushed and photoshopped to death, as are most cover girls posing for US magazines. It's a plague. Editors: if you think American women can't stand the sight of a wrinkle, think again. We'd like to see humans on the covers not aliens. You're welcome. And Ms. Kidman, you look fabulous even though you may have gotten carried away with the botox once or twice. Or more often.Well done Vogue Australia for making Ms. Kidman look human again.
Kristen Stewart for Elle UK September 2015

Katie Perry for Vogue Japan September 2015
Diane Kruger for Elle Canada September 2015
I've said it before, I'll say it again: Ms.Kruger isn't the greatest actress but she knows her style, she speaks fluent French and English, almost accent-free (plus her native German, of course) which makes her special in m eyes and is rather pretty. One doesn't always know why she is here or there, making a red carpet appearance but due to her physique, she's a welcome guest. Am I right? Besides, I think she deserves recognition for her language abilities.

Katie Perry looks fab and fun on her Vogue Japan Cover. Love the hair, love the Prada dress. Makes me want to chop off my hair and dye it black. Almost. Well done Japan.

My affection for Ms. Stewart has grown exponentially with the critique being thrown her way due to her "I'm bored" demeanor. You know what? I always look like that too. How many times have I been asked: "are you alright?" "is something wrong?" I look confused and answer: "No. I'm perfectly happy" and I am usually. I just look mad or mean or something to that effect. It's annoying when people ask so I can totally understand Ms. Stewart's reaction to the press.

A lovely interview with Ms. Stewart, check it out on's website. She's a pretty damn good actress since she has emerged from beyond the twilight of "Twilight." Brava girl. Brava.

That's all lovelies.

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