July 26, 2015

what's new pussycat? red carpetry in July

Cara in Saint Laurent
fabulous head-to-toe. 

Cara in Saint Laurent
fabulous head to knees. Those trojan warrior sandals again. Where's Sparta? 
Cara in Alexandre Vauthier
Fudo-dachi, Sochin-dachi,Sanchin-dachi and Genkaku-dachi which means we don't like this. At all. Okay. The skirt is nice. And the hair and make-up. 
Charlize in Dior
The hair says "I am Inge from Sweden", the dress says "off to the beach" and the shoes say "we shouldn't have used patent leather because it makes us look payless cheap"  so not Miss Theron's best look but we'll always look when she appears.

Bella Heathcote in Gucci
Yes. We think Miss Heathcote looks rather cute in this Gucci from head-to-toe. She has skinny enough legs (no calf muscles to speak of) to pull off the lace up sandals. I'm telling you, no one with calf muscles should be allowed to wear Trojan army summer footwear. Still looking for Sparta.
Alicia Vikander in Vuitton

The girl of the moment from Ex Machina, BAFTA rising star and co-star in the upcoming Man from UNCLE has gone baby blue in Louis Vuitton. It's the shoes again. That's why we don't like this look. The shoes are fuddy duddy no? Mary Janes. Rounded toe Mary Janes with a chunky high heel would have done the trick to make this look better. A Downton Abbey/Edith type faux bob would have made it superb. You're welcome stylist who dressed Miss Vikander.
Tilda in Haider Ackerman

Trainwreck the movie. Awesome the Tilda. 

photos coutesy of vogue.fr

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