July 14, 2015

what's new pussycat? Julia and Penelope and Emma and Ryan and Giselle and Lily and Eva

Julia Roberts and Penelope Cruz at the 80 year celebrations for Lancome
Isabella Rossellini, Lupita Nyongo, Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet celebrating 80 years Lancome
Eva Longoria at a red carpet event while vacationing in Spain early July 2015. Love the flamenco look.
Emma Stone on set with Ryan Gosling for their latest movie together. No idea what working title is though.
Ryan Gosling on set with Emma Stone
Giselle Bundchen traveling. With Chanel espadrillos. Oh no!

Lily Collins loves lace doesn't she? The shoes, once again, make it too bottom-heavy.

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