July 7, 2015

things you don't need: anti-cellulite creams

browsing through the latest summer issue of elle.fr, one can find (as one finds every single summer since forever) an array of products you are supposed to buy to get those perfect cellulite-free beach thighs. When I was in my twenties, every summer I eagerly searched my magazines for the latest and greatest products to 'get rid of cellulite forever as long as you keep using this product' and other creams, gels and oils promising firm thighs. May I say this: my thighs were firm in my twenties and I didn't have much in the way of cellulite.

I kept using these products well into my forties and have come to the following consensus: they don't work. It's all for your head space (you think the products work so you think you look better, which, okay, can have a positive effect but really not worth the anguish if it doesn't) and the only way to reduce cellulite and/or get firmer skin is to exercise and eat good food. You don't need any of these creams/gels/oils/treatments in your twenties (the age group most susceptible to images of gorgeous firm-figured girls therefore easily lured by the promise of afore-mentioned perfection) because you're in your twenties. For all the rest of you: forget the expensive products and take a dance class or something. Go for a walk on the beach, swim, jog, run or have a lot of beach sex. Works way better than any of the creams. Take my word for it because I've tried them all.

The only thing you need in the way of body care in the summer: a light moisturizer or light oil-based spray. Really.

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