July 16, 2015

what you need for a perfect bikini body

me in Capri in a bikini (Miss Sixty) that's too small. I never learn

..is to buy a bikini, put it on and head for the pool, beach, or your backyard. Seriously. That is all you need. You don't need to diet or exercise or buy anti-cellulite cream, you just need to go. Because everyone has a bikini bod. And this ridiculous pressure we are supposed to feel before heading to the beach? Fuck that. Seriously.

Get yourself a bikini and/or swimsuit you feel comfortable in (buy a size that fits. buying a size too small makes you look fatter no matter how skinny or not you are - comfort is the key and not falling out of your top too) and walk, swim, play volleyball whatever. Just have fun. Oh, and in my opinion, there is no age limit when wearing a bikini.

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