July 19, 2015

the best way to start your day

..especially when it's hot is a cool glass of lemon water. Drinking a glass of water (room temperature is best) spiked with lemon slices and a sprig of mint is the best form of hydration your skin and hair can receive. Lemon acts as a mild detox and cleanser. Combined with water, it's like a shower for the inside of your body. Drink a half hour before anything else ie on an empty stomach.

Another tip for hot hot days: fill a pitcher with all sorts of fruits (anything leftover): apple slices, orange slices, lemon slices, strawberries, slices of pineapple: add water, juice of a half lemon. Drink the water (sans fruit) throughout the day. The fruits add a touch of sweet, the lemon some tang and keeps the fruit from turning brown. Change daily.

The best advice I can give to keep hydrated and cool: avoid too many sugary drinks. It is much harder for the body to cope with sugar than not, meaning in the long run, you'll feel more run down and tired if you consume too many sugary drinks. Diet drinks, by the way, are the worst. If you must have something sweet (I always need something sweet, make yourself some homemade lemonade. You control the sugar content and at least it's fresh.

Bottoms up lovelies!


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