July 7, 2015

Lily Collins at the Chanel Couture show

Miss Collins posing for the paps before the Chanel Couture show, currently taking place in Paris until July 10th. Hmm. I'm getting a 'can't touch this vibe' a la MC Hammer perusing the rear view. And I'm getting a 'this just isn't working' vibe from the front. Am I being too harsh? Isn't Miss Collins young and cute enough to pull off a 'let's show my black granny panties which are made of the finest silk so worth flashing'? Possibly. Or maybe I just can't jump aboard the sheer band wagon.

What I will critique though are the shoes. Exposed body but covered toes? No girl. The black patent leather pumps make it bottom-heavy. The beige Chanel bag? Beige? Really? No. Her hair is very cute though.

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