July 8, 2015

Berlin Fashion Week: Lena Hoschek Spring Summer 2016

Lena Hoschek Spring Summer 2016 Berlin

Lena Hoschek Spring Summer 2016 Berlin

 Austrian designer Lena Hoschek is known for her retro look - skirts swinging at a demure length, with a body conscious bodice - with a nod to the 1940's and 50's while using inspiration from the traditional Dirndl (an Austrian staple of national dress). She melds it all together for what one can call the Lena Hoschek look. You know what you'll get; feminine, sweet and not too overtly sexy in the modern sense (no minis to be found on the Hoschek runway). For the Spring Summer 2016 collection, she did toss in one sweet and short beach dress, revealing a lovely length of thigh but that was it. The rest of the collection was atune to what she does best, adding some soft cotton smocks and some Grecian-style foulard dresses. The usual swinging skirts with form-fitting tops, the body conscious dresses in cotton, rayons and light wools set Hoschek's collection apart from the usual stretchy body cons, hence more class and sass than sex.

We loved it.

for the entire collection, see here 

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