June 10, 2015

what's cool and the Kate Moss phenomenon

Now, you'd think the two super cool girls - Cara and Kate - caught inpromptu, on the streets, before the Burberry show, for which they appeared in a cool black and white ad together, would reduce the fashion world to raptourous odes to said standard definition of cool. Well, they did gush. But we are disappointed. Here's why:

La Moss remains the Queen of Cool, that aloof type of cool: nonchalant, a touch of dissheveled, no make-up, the cool coat &bag with black jeans, metallic heels adding the tiny spot of odd, of muted color; cool. She looks relaxed, confident with the "I really don't care" Kate exudes she's been known for since day one.
Now we come to Cara. She is the model of the moment, young, fresh, the It girl, hailed as the rightful heir to Kate's throne of longevity and cool, the goofball, the tomboy, the pretty face who doesn't care.
But here, in this model moment, she looks uncomfortable. One of the secrets to cool is to know what to wear when. While Kate has 'it' (the uncanny mix&match of chic and street), Cara hasn't. At least not here for this event. The make up too heavy, the suit too tight, the bag embarrassed, the sneakers 'oh honey no'

Cara is a model-thin girl but the button looks about to pop, the trousers too tight and the sneakers just don't work here. This may be a personal thing of mine, but skinny trousers with big honking sneakers look out of proportion and a tad clownish. The bag isn't right, the no top underneath isn't right either for a daytime event. We have nothing against lovely breasts barely covered but not for the day.
So, cool Cara: no idea who told you to wear what you did but we would have preferred to see you in jeans and a tshirt with your signature bball cap on backwards than this "Mommy, look at me! I'm all dressed up!" That would have been cool.Cara is sweet and goofy. Which is totally fine but Kate reigns supreme. The search goes on for the heiress to the throne of aloof cool.

What are we searching for? What makes Kate so cool? She doesn't tweet, instagram, facebook or give interviews. She doesn't use her daughter as a prop, she knows what she's good at, she doesn't do stupid ice bucket challenges to self-promote. She's had it from day one; wisdom. Like the artful Dodger from Oliver Twist. The term cool gets thrown around way too often amongst fashionistas and those who report from the fashion front; reading how everyone and anyone with a recognizable mug is 'cool' when they wear expensive shit designers give away for free is annoying.
What I am trying to say in a round about way: it's not about what but how you wear your stuff. Forget the tags, the labels, the It-shit. It really is about comfort in your clothes, in your skin. Cool? Cool.

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