June 8, 2015

red carpetry: Tony Awards 2015

name me one event that doesn't get coverage and I'll tell you who was the first person on Mars. The best thing about yesterday's red carpet? JLo. Yes really. Her new hair looks great ( those standard long beach waves bed head or whatever name is bestowed upon the same boring hair do that every entertainment show host on every US channel sports is beyond boring, I cant even begin to express my ire) and the gown is lovely too. I am a bit frightened though as she is currently promoting a new tv show she's starring in.


Carey Mulligan in 'what is she wearing?' or maybe the better question is 'why?' Nice color though.

I don't like the dress on Helen Mirren. We know she's divine and regal and fabulous but the hair style craves something a little more modern. Okay, a lot more modern. Let me explain: the hair style suits her. She has fine hair and her stylist has made the best of it. As the hair is conservative, I'd like to see her in something less flouncy. Badgley Mischka does Upper East Side ladies who lunch. She needs a bit more Swinton swag. I suggest this white suit by Akris. How cool would Ms. Mirren look in this?!


Ms. Sutton gets the 'isn't she lovely' award.

Ruth Wilson gets honorable mention.


photos via huffingtonpost.com


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