June 22, 2015

Monday Madness: useless but somehow kind of cool items you can buy on Fancy

Mosquito Noir Candle $49

 Normally, I'd roll my eyes at a candle costing  $49. However, since I always seem to be the mosquitos' object of desire (currently, four huge welts on my left arm, two on my right arm, three on my back and one on my ear) I am considering putting ridiculously expensive candle on my wish list. If you fancy it, you may purchase here
Melon Slicer
 really? You don't need a melon slicer unless you live in Kenya. Seriously. This is one of those items you think you need because it seems practical. A good knife on a nice smooth wooden board is way more satisfying.  If you do live on a tropical island and have access to wonderful juicy tasty melons all year round, then by all means, go for it. Here. On Fancy.

White RADICAL Print T-Shirt by 6397

I'm a sucker for cool good quality tshirts because you have them forever. Rad tshirt available on Fancy. Just click on the banner to the right.

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