June 16, 2015

let's talk about sweat: to deodorize or not to deodorize

Sophia Loren with hairy armpits
Summer is sweaty. That's just the way it is. So useless to abstain from daily or even twice a day showering (which I do recommend to do occasionally during the dry winter months as a skin saver). What I do suggest: shower with cool water. Forget the hot. Who needs hot when it's hot outside? Cool water cools, cold showers will rev up your body temperature so counter productive. Cool showers and a light moisturizer. When I'm in a humid climate (thank you East Coast of the US) I often forgo the moisturizer all together. I use a light body oil spray (or olive oil, if nothing else is around) for the dry zones (elbows, bum, lower legs, feet). I cannot bear anything on my skin when it's hot and muggy out. Just makes me feel sticky and icky straight out of the shower.

The deodorant issue: to smell or not to smell
I am a big proponent of au naturelle ie no deo. I know this can be problematic in the summer.
At the very least, use a natural deodorant. I know they're not as effective as the 48 hr antiperspirant but really, do you want your pores clogged for 48 hrs while all sorts of toxic ingredients seep into your body? I don't. To get a grip on the body odor, the wetness, the sweat: get yourself some non-alcoholic gentle wipes. Or carry a clean hand towel to splash&dry your armpits during a bathroom break. A small container of baby powder applied afterwards smells so nice and feels dry. Be sure to wear natural fibers (cotton, rayon, linen) and keep the arm pits shaven. Reduces odor.
I don't care how sexy Sophia Loren looks with hairy armpits - you'll be stinkier with hair. 
There are plenty of options to keep feeling (relatively) fresh. Honestly, I prefer the hassle of splashing my armpits a few times a day to toxins seeping into my body. I have tried some of the green products out there: not very effective. You smell nice for about an hour. But it's an option for sure. 

Obviously, you can forget all of the above when you're on holidays at the beach. No need to deodorize at all. Woohoo! Holidays for everyone. Even your armpits.

more tips and tricks to control the sweats and keep cool

  • don't forget to check yourself in the mirror after a bathroom break. I got my skirt caught in my undies once. Light summer skirts and dresses are tricky that way. 
  • hold your hands&wrists under cool water several times during the day; cools down the entire body
  • drink water and unsweetened herbal teas (I know, so not fun; how about reducing the sweetened drinks intake a bit..)
  • Exercise: people who exercise regularly sweat less
  • spicy food makes you sweat more
  • cut back on the caffeine and alcohol: exacerbates sweating
  • do a 2 week sage tea treatment: sage is known to regulate sweating plus it sounds really healthy [for the record, I have never done this but I do know sage is very beneficial]
  • recipe for sage tea: 
  • put two tablespoons of dried sage into 1 liter of cold water; bring to a simmer for 3 minutes; let cool. 
  • Immediately drink 1/4 liter of the warm tea; put the rest in a container and drink throughout the day. Repeat 13 more times. 

keep cool. keep healthy.

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