June 22, 2015

hottest streetstyle from Milano featuring a vespa and a hot Italian Guy

hot Italian guy in a cool linen suit via Vogue Italia
hot Italian couple on a vespa via Vogue Italia

cool unidentified non-Italian chica via Vogue Milano

Jane Birkinesque girl on the streets of Milan (and I want that denim shirt please) via Vogue Italia

guys with lots of rings make me suspicious but the suit is oh so divine via Vogue Italia

a couple on vespa; girl, side-saddle on the back legs crossed nonchalantly (which only Italian girls can do without holding on for dear life), smoldering raggazi impeccably turned out, cool chicas shade- strolling on the streets of Milan in June. Summer is here lovelies.

long-sleeved dress! on the streets of Milano via Vogue Italia

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