June 15, 2015

all the things we don't need at the beach

I like fashion magazines as much as anyone out there. I always have; there are piles of them from all the way back to the early 90's proving that. But lately, as I have embraced the buy less buy well credo, they're pissing me off more and more. They're doing their job (I know) but really, do we need a scented candle with us as 'an essential' for a weekend away? 

Here is Vogue's list of 'paired down' things you absolutely must have for a weekend away at the beach:

  • afore-mentioned scented candle for $18 (no. you're at the beach. There's beach air and beach scent which is the best scent of the summer. Forget the candle) 
  • mosquito repellent for $10 (I've never been to a beach with mosquitos but okay, maybe you need a mosquito repellent) 
  • body scrub for $15 ( you're at the beach. There's sand which is a natural exfoiliator plus sun exposed skin doesn't need the extra abrasion. If anything, exfoiliate before you go. Not during)
  • a facial cleaning brush for $139 ($139?! Rub sand on your face; that's free) 
  • cotton sheet mask for $8  (it's not expensive - that's how they get you though - sounds nice and all "moisturizes etc" but not really necessary. Again, you're at the beach. Usually more humid therefore a natural moisturizer) 
  • nail polish remover wipes for $10 (I have a fractured relationship with nailpolish. I like it occasionally but it never lasts - no matter what brand you buy - more than 3 days. So I go natural and short. Preferable for the summer anyway.) 
  • Swimcap cream for $38 (just another name for a conditioner. If you have your regular conditioner. that's enough. I prefer smoothing a few drops of olive oil into my hair) 
  • Lipstick for $48 (I don't wear lipstick. Ever. You may want something for your evening 'going out' time. That's fine. But it's also nice to take a break from any and all make up during a holiday, no?

Huile Prodigieuse $30

the only additional product I'd take (and was on Vogue's list) is Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse and a sunscreen. Nuxe huile is for the body, face, hair. Makes your skin glow in a non-greased fish way. I like this product and it can be used all year round. So in my bag I'll have a sunscreen and the nuxe huile. We just saved $286, $10 less savings if you need a mosquito repellent. 

I am not against luxury, I am not against products. I am against unnecessary items we're lured into purchasing by photos of lovely girls and copy implicitly suggesting we'll be just as lovely as this young beach babe if we buy all these things. I know how advertising works. And I've been just as susceptible as anyone out there. But I'm trying because first of all, I know I won't look like the beach babe no matter what I buy and secondly, I don't want to. I'm happy with my belly rolls. (Kidding obviously. I'm being sarcastic. I don't want belly rolls. But buying a scented candle isn't going to get rid of them either. Going to the beach and swimming and walking along the beach will. And I don't need a scented candle, a face mask, manicured nails, lipstick or a face brush to do that)

photos via Vogue.com
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