May 28, 2015

style stories #82: Cher does Marc Jacobs

Yes, let's celebrate an older woman cool enough to lead a fashion campaign. This isn't just any lady, it's Cher. The Cher of "Sonny and Cher" fame (my adoration for all things Cher knew no bounds and inspired me to buy a faux leather fringe dress and wear braids a la Pocahontas), the Cher of solist Cher (how many hits I don't know - a lot) the actress Cher of "Silkwood", "Mask", "Moonstruck", "Witches of Eastwick" and "Burlesque" fame (okay, strike that last one, it was a stinker but the other movies were awesome and she was awesome)

Cher. So we can agree she's super cool, talented and pretty awesome. Why did the people behind the Marc Jacobs campaign feel the need to photoshop her to death? I'm sorry but her face looks like a death mask. I know she's been a fan of the plastic surgery circuit but this is ridiculous. I don't like it.

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