May 31, 2015

movie love: the new girlfriend by François Ozon

Mark Kermode, film critic extraordinaire of BBC Five Live fame, says to go in cold. I have willingly sailed that ship out of the harbor as I listened to his review and watched the trailer (which you should not do if you want to be surprised). The film sounds fab and I recommend adding "the new girlfriend" to your watch list if you are a fan of "fun, sexy, intelligent, playful; in just the right way" The movie poster is enough to bring me to the box office, if I'm completely honest. Kermode goes on to say it's "part English intrigue, part gay gallic romance, part Hollywood melodrama with a European exciting playful sexiness".
The cast: Romaine Duris, of "Russian Dolls" fame and Anäis Desmoustier (no idea, never seen her act but she's cute with freckles); in other words your usual handsome array of unpretentious French charmeurs. I'd like to reiterate: put it on your list, go in cold; you're in for a delightful time at the cinema.

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