May 15, 2015

All the World is Cannes: Pretty Pretty in Pink


Exposition needed: I am not a fan of Miranda Kerr. I'm sure she's nice (or not), a diva (or not), left poor Orlando Bloom (although maybe he deserved it; besides it's never the one or the other's fault really) summa sumarum: too sweetly bland to warrant a passionate response on any level. Fine. In the league of gorgeous girls vying for the spot in competetive Cannes red carptry, I feel, however, Ms. Kerr deserves a "isn't she lovely?" award for la deuxieme journée à Cannes. She is a vision and everything is bewitchingly perfect, from the red lips, to the glossy skin, to the diaphanous gown paired with delicate strappy heels. Ms. Kerr is like a cool flute of rosé come to life. See? I am always fair and give credit where credit is due.

Instagram courtesy of mzell_cecile (I think. I may have spelled that wrong.)

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