May 14, 2015

All the World is Cannes: Mad Max Fury Road Premiere best dressed

Charlize Theron, Cannes 2015
I am not one to gush and mush over celebrity couples. Any couples for that matter. Really not. I find it superfluous and silly. And impromptu proposals like the one we saw on 'Dancing with the Stars' will not a tear drop extract. (Erin Andrews gets 'best reaction' award)  Nope. Not me. But this photo is sweet. Charlize Theron regal as ever with her guy grinning ear to ear and just being super proud. At least that's my interpretation. Definitely my photo of the day and Ms. Theron gets best-dressed of the evening, in that lemon yellow Dior creation. I'm supposed to say she's wearing diamonds by somebody or other but I don't really care about the jewels.

Naomi Watts, Cannes 2015

Naomi Watts attended the Mad Max premiere wearing Ralph Lauren and I find the Ralph Lauren dress a la frumpette. That's okay. We'll  wait for Ms. Watt's next red carpet outing.

Liya Kebede

I lied when I proclaimed this as a 'best-dressed' post because this Proenza Schouler dress is just weird.  Cave manesque paper mache over nylon tights? The shoes are nice though. And the hair.

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