May 12, 2015

All the world is Cannes: before the storm

Even though I'm not there, I will follow the first (and in my opinion, most glamorous festival of the year studiously, religiously, enthusiastically - enough adverbs? - I think so. I just love this festival. I've attended the actual film festival once and have been to Cannes several times for the advertising film festival (which is way more low key. Not so many luxury yachts anchoring  outside of the harbor. Less money in advertising I guess) Not the most beautiful town on the French Riviera, it still exudes something. Something french, something crass, something magical, something cosmopolitan. And really, drinking a glass of rose at one of the seaside bars, is the best. I love it. And look forward to going next year. Did I say that last year about this year?  All the World is Cannes!

instagram courtesy of peterbradshaw1, film critic of

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