April 21, 2015

the best way to change your eating habits


Using a timer to regulate your eating habits is probably the most effective device you'll find. And get a grip on calorie intake. The simplicity of it is beautiful. Really. Here's how (based on the premise of having breakfast at 7AM)

7AM: breakfast

set timer for 3 hrs (use the 3 foodless hours to drink lots of water, green tea and coffee - get your water supply in during the food breaks. Always. Repeat after each snack and meal)

10:30AM: snack. You know it should be nuts or a piece of fruit or a healthy smoothie, right? But I tell you, even if it's a croissant, you're going to lose weight if you stick to the 3-hour-rule

3 hr timer (water & herbal teas)

1PM: lunch

3 hr timer (water & herbal teas)

4:30PM: afternoon snack (skip the fruit as its best in the mornings)

3 hr timer (water & herbal teas)

8PM: dinner

done. No more food until breakfast. Use the timer all the time. Drink during the food breaks. It totally works. Using a timer, knowing when you're not eating and when you are makes it so much easier to get a grip on calorie intake without having to write every morsel down (which you usually abandon after a day anyway). Plus you have your set times to eat, your set times to get the water and herbal teas you need. I love this method.



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