April 29, 2015

style stories #58: no waist? no worries


there's still time! Don't panic. You will have time to get that bikini body. No. Seriously. I'm kidding. If you wait for the perfect time/shape/weight/state of fitness, you'll never get to the beach. Or, at least, I'd never get to the beach. Get yourself swim wear you feel comfortable in and spend as much time outside as possible. I've found wearing a bikini all summer is a natural appetite suppressant. Heck, hot weather is a natural suppressant. Who wants to eat burgers and fries when it's 40° out? Exactly. Enjoy your body, enjoy the weather - get comfortable. By the way, tiny string bikinis and swimsuits are great and flattering for those of us with little or no waists; those 50s high-waisted two piece suits not so much.


swimsuit and bikini top seen at clubmonaco.com


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