April 10, 2015


April 10th marks the 100th day of this year. Means we have 265 days left to get something done. Something we've been chasing after forever.  I know I've set myself a few goals. Good to regroup, get your strategies and goals straight and get done what you want to get done. I do not want to sit around on December 31st lamenting - again - that I haven't finished what I wanted to finish.  Like one writer said: write one page a day, you'll have 365 pages in 365 days. 265 pages are enough too. One page a day is approx. 250 words per day.

If you're working on a script, you totally have enough time to research, write, edit, submit by the end of the year (figure one month for each stage). That strategy applies to anything really. Every journey begins with one step. Keep moving, regularly, and you'll make it. We'll make it. See you in December.

photo by Herbert List, Capri 1936 via le clown lyrique

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