March 18, 2015

style stories #43: on the fringe

faith connexion fall winter 2015 via
elements comprising one of the coolest hair styles ever: hair (obviously) and a great stylist (cue: he or she is sensitive to detail) It's all about the detail. Not all hair is created equally therefore adjustments are required depending on thickness, thinness, straightness or curlyness. A good stylist knows this. So browse till you drop for the right one. Crucial to the style: a long eyelash-grazing fringe. And go.
Paul Smith spring ad campaign 2015 seen in Harpers Bazaar
a style that gets better with degree of unwashedness
a style as timeless as Imogen Cunningham in 1959 via le clown lyrique
Freda Behja for Louis Vuitton via Harpers Bazaar UK
get the proportion right: the shape of your face determines the length of the hair
Betsy Johnson at the CfDA awards via
the cut for all ages

hey, if it's good enough for Alexa Chung
Saint Laurent spring summer campaign via Harpers Bazaar
and Hedi Slimane @Saint Laurent

Mary of Peter Paul and Mary (she was so cool) with Bob Dylan and Arlo Guthrie

The cool thing about the fringe: if it turns out not to be for you for whatever reason, there are bobby pins and hair growth. 

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