March 18, 2015

style stories #42: March Madness


Oak fall winter 2015

There is a saying in German about April "April April macht was es will" which basically means rain, sleet, snow, blossoming flowers - expect anything in April weather-wise. But this is March. I expect March to be straightforward awesome; tickling and teasing us with all things promising: a mild breeze, warm sunlight on my face, the air fit to be basked in during lunchtime and flowers riotously blossoming as messengers of Spring. You know, like in a romance novel.

New York City is not having any of it. It was bloody freezing again today. The wind was plain nasty. So forgive me for not giving up on fall fashion just yet. Somehow it comforts me seeing big thick warm wooly scarves wrapped around a model's neck - behold some more fall winter 2015 offerings from Toyko.

beautiful people fall winter 2015

beautiful people fall winter 2015

beautiful people fall winter 2015

The mini clad lass is wearing a fur jacket which I can accept (while wrapping my shawl tighter around myself)

Iro fall winter 2015

thank you as always to for the pics


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