March 13, 2015

style stories #40: the thing about pointy shoes

The thing about pointy shoes is this (and maybe I'm a naysayer because I have wide feet and always suffered while squishing them into my point shoes. But hey, I had great balance on point): I don't understand them. Or rather I don't understand why anyone would buy them. We are always trying to go down in numbers - in weight, in dress size, in jeans size, in vagina size - so why would we want shoes that make our feet look bigger? On top of making your feet look at least two sizes bigger, they're painful (although I'm guessing that is the less pressing argument here. So many women suffer through weird shit to look good) So no to pointy shoes. Not for this big foot.

Please peruse the  shoes from Miu Miu fall winter 2015 collection. I rest my case.

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