February 10, 2015

style stories #22: the high and the low of it

There are no wearable shoes for under $200***. Except for sneakers. The only acceptable sneakers are by Nike, Converse, NB, Adidas. That's all. (yes, I'm rigid on the sneaker front). Designers have no business putting out sneakers with their names on them. Because they're just horrid. 

“Since I found the shoe section on the Macy's web site, I've been addicted, so I had to include them, even though not all of their shoes met my "25 dollar or less" rule.”  I did not realize rules like that existed for shoe purchases. 

“Payless - Super Stylish, Affordable Shoes. Payless has an amazing knack for staying on top of shoe trends with the vast majority of the shoes coming in at less than $20 per pair.” this just makes me sad

You Get What You Pay For
Some (many?) have this insatiable desire to impress with sheer numbers, but surely, it’s better to have one  quality pair rather than 49 pair that look like you made them yourself with glitter, glue and recycled milk cartons. And quite frankly I shriek in fright when I hear the sound of hardened plastic heels grating their way down the street.Think about it, why does a pair of designer shoes cost upward of $700? Because you have highly paid craftsmen using high-quality materials rather than 10 year old children getting paid $1 a day.

Of course, some think going for the second hand option is, well, an option. Like ebay. Me, personally, no. Shoes are something very, very personal, like underwear. You leave the imprint of your foot sole in the shoes. So no second hand for me. Which is why I never participated in the 'lets share/exchange shoes. Besides,  my feet were always bigger than my friends anyway.  Which reminds me: What’s up with women who insist/persist in choosing pointy shoes? They turn a size 6 foot into a size 11.

Meet your match
Shoes have to suit you. A sure indication is are you able to walk in them gracefully, with poise, with confidence, with ease. They have to suit your height, weight, proportions. Do not struggle with your footwear. Still insist on wearing self-inflicted torture?  Slip into your heels when you get home instead of your comfy slippers and practice. Yep, practice is the only way. Ask any rookie model. You wear them, they don’t wear you.

The price tag for good quality shoes is high and admittedly, often a bit exorbitant, but they will last you many many years. All the more expensive shoes I've purchased over the years, I still own. When you actually do the math (an original price tag of - say -  $500 by 10 years equals $50 per year) you understand: it's a worthwhile investment. 

*** full disclosure: I personally own two pair of shoes that cost me under $200. From TopShop. So they can be found. Having said that, these are dressy shoes which I wear twice a year so that works. In general, I'm still a staunch advocate of good quality footwear. That's all. ;) 

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