February 23, 2015

oscar stories: the five best-dressed at the 87th Academy Awards

you may know I just love simple, chic, elegant, no fuss - minimalism. Also, I am intentionally choosing ladies that don't often make the best-dressed list. We all expect the usual suspects ie Emma and Julianne and Gwyneth and Solange. Honestly, I think the "it" celebs of the moment have it easier to look good as all flock around them, eager to dress the current 'best'. Beyond the much-hyped (however warranted it may or may not be) quiet beauty & chic does exist in abundance. I've found those ladies and one gentleman in these five lovelies.
and the top honor goes to #1: Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji. Ms. Spencer knows what suits her, sticks with it and doesn't get carried away by fads, trends. Love her sleek hair, the earrings in the same aquamarine as the dress. The clutch matches as well which is a good thing in this case. Understated yet Oscar appropriate. Love her. Love her style.
#2: America Ferrara. The Greek Classicist look. She pulls it off with a beautiful color. Hair lovely, accessories lovely. All lovely. Well done. Again, she opted out of the heavy necklace. Thank you.
#3: David Oyelowo in Dolce and Gabbana. A perfectly fitted blood red suit with waistcoat. What more is there to say? Adore.
#4: Jennifer Hudson in pale sleek yellow. Chic hair, chic styling. Well done girl. Even though the song you sang was tots boring. But that's neither here nor there. She won on the red carpet for sure.
#5: yes, surprise the divine Ms. Streep makes my best-dressed list. The sleek Lanvin suit suited her well. She looked slim and pulled together. She is always a divine presence but last night, also on the red carpet. Of course, she was also responsible for one of the top 'moments' this awards show.

Meryl Streep gif courtesy of vulture.com
photos of Octavia, America, Jennifer, David and Meryl courtesy of fashionista.com

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