January 4, 2015

stylish stories #4


A blustery day (the kind when plastic bags fly as high as the birds). The clouds hang low, the horizon a mix of agitated grey waves and shreaded clouds. You venture outside so you don't feel guilty sitting inside for the rest of the day. And you don't wear a skirt or a wool coat nor leather shoes because it's too damn cold. And we city folk have become soft. Gone are the days of kilt-clad hardy Scotsmen running through blizzards and storms to save their loved ones.

We, folk of the 21st century, don't like bad weather much. It can be awfully determintal to our phone reception, TV reception and choice of chic wardrobe. Realistic outdoor winter wear: leggings or sweat pants tucked into uggs or other up-to-your-knees fur-lined boots, a long parka, a big fat thick scarf covering your nose, a beanie. Layers of faded lumpy sweaters and tshirts underneath. At least for me. I don't like being cold. Although I have observed hardy NYC girls (and London girls) in sub-zero temps with bare legs, high heels and short chic skirts standing in line to get into clubs. So I guess that's the equivalent of those Scotsmen, no?

We still like the editorial and obviously envision us similarly dressed when daydreaming about winter walks.

Seen in elle.fr january 2, 2015 issue

clothes featured in the editorial:

bottega veneta



Sergio Rossi

Gerard Darrel

The Kilt Store

Giorgio Armani


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