January 15, 2015

style stories #9: the beat goes on



Freja Beha on the cover of Elle Mag France. The beat goes on in 2015 from the 1970's. If you want to see true 70's style, go to youtube and watch some Sonny and Cher shows. My sister loved that show. Every week we would wonder what super extravagant outfit Cher would wear. She was so super cool. When I was looking back over stills from the show, seeing Cher's amazing hair (my sister always had a thing for other girls fabulous hair probably because hers wasn't quite as fab as she'd have liked) Kim Kardashian came to mind. I immediately stomped that barbaric blasphemous thought into the ground: a visual resemblance yes (the long black shiny gorgeous hair) but ends there: Cher had talent.

1970's people. The beat goes on.


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