January 5, 2015

style stories #5: the skinny bitch and the Victorian Lady

yeah, no matter how many times we've failed in the past, the New Year always offers hope we'll stick to something. My advice, based on past failures and past small successes: go with something specific, something realistic, something you can manage and remember. 'Losing weight' or 'exercising more': that type of resolution is doomed from the start girl. Way too vague. Way too uninspiring. Go small, go specific. Small is beautiful.

My 2014 resolution: drink more water and no sugar in my coffee. You know what? It kind of worked. I do drink more water and I don't use sugar anymore. You know, I had relapses and I still have to remind myself to drink more water (especially before a meal which does help to eat less during said meal) but I've gotten to a certain watery level to consider myself hydrated enough to expect translucent skin and everlasting youthfulness.

Suggestions for the overarching 'get healthier ie lose weight' category:

one meal per day with only proteins and something green. Preferably in the morning but hey, I'm not that strict. Morning would be the best as it will last you well into the early afternoon (eggs too late in the afternoon/ evening land like a bunch of rocks in the tummy) But sometimes, it's not possible. That's why all these (often really great diet menu suggestions) drive me nuts. Unless I have nothing else to do but shop, prepare and zen eat these meals, it's not going to happen. It just is NOT going to happen, not when you travel and/or work without the accompaniments of a personal chef serenading you with perfectly picked food.

But once a day - even when you're in a strange city, don't have access to your own kitchen - it's possible to get yourself ONE healthy low-cal high in all that good stuff (anti-oxidents, omega 3 stuff, etc etc) meal per day. I am going to try. Know this: just trying one small healthy thing leads to more healthy things automatically without even trying. True story.

Another suggestion: one book a month. Because your brain needs food too. C'mon. A book a month is totally doable.

One suggestion: How to be a Victorian from dawn til dusk by Ruth Goodman one review here


image of delicious egg, avocado and lox breakfast courtesy of thesbcollective.com and @russellsbc on instagram (it's some insane initiative I will check out but not participate in. I am not a crazy person)


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