January 4, 2015

style stories #3: the innovative insomniac

right off the bat I have to say: I do not sit on the floor of my bedroom in lacy undies, a cashmere sweater and have my toe nails perfectly glossed. I never have my toe nails painted. Ever. Way too much trouble. It lasts about a day then you have the added work of removing the toe nail polish. Nope. Not for me. While there is a nail place on every corner of every block in Manhattan, it's just way too much trouble and seems like such a waste of time. I suppose one can catch up on emails and such. Still. The unvarnished toe truth for me.

Back to the topic of the post: insomnia. It really is an attractive word. You know, graphically speaking. It's not a pleasant state of being though. I wouldn't say I'm an insomniac - Christian Bale comes to mind in The Mechanic (skeletal, eyes sunken into his head, skin like pulled pizza dough, barely covering his boney face) - I just have trouble sleeping. And I especially have trouble sleeping when I have to share a room and/or bed with someone else. It makes me nervous because then I have to be quiet and as I'm not a cat, I can't see in the dark which makes it difficult to be quiet. I can't turn on the light or the tv or just pad about unhindered. Ways can be found however (the hotel lobby for example or the 24 hr diner across the street) so sharing a room can be conducive to your work ethics.

Either way, I don't fight it. If I wake up, I wake up. I do what I want to do: read, listen to music, or Mark Kermode, get up, do some stretches. I do what I have to do to relax then go back to bed. Some of the bad habits invoked by a non-six to eight hour nonstop sleep sojourn: eating. I am trying to get over that by not having anything to eat within a 5-mile radius which tends to help. I certainly won't walk 5 miles to get a snack.

Actual good advice to help sleep (which I totally resisted but once I caved, did discover the following tips work):

~ turn off the tv before you fall asleep

~ no sugary snacks four hours prior to bedtime (the emptier your stomach, the better I've found)

So, basically, the only other bit of advice I have for similar sufferers of the night: get your own room. And be comforted: you are not the sole member of the 2AM/3AM/4AM club.

stylish insomniac courtesy of elle.fr december 25, 2014 issue



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