January 31, 2015

style stories #16: never catch a cold again (red noses adieu!)


I swear it's true: shower every single day for a couple minutes warm (really, you don't need more than that to wash what needs to be washed. Besides, excessive time under warm/hot water dries the skin horribly). Finished washing all your best parts? Turn the faucet to cold. Use your shower nozzle hose thing starting with the right leg (foot to thigh), then the left leg (foot to thigh), then the right arm (hand to upper arm), left arm (same) then the torso (stomach moving upwards to chest and back)

Reason you always begin the cold crush with your right extremities: gives the body a chance to climatize away from the heart)

After one cold session, repeat with warm water. Last session is cold again - same deal. You finish with running the stream over your right foot sole, then your left foot sole. Finito. This was explained to me at a spa I once went to.


Two things to remember:

- never do the warm/cold/warm/cold shower thing on a full stomach

- move the shower nozzle slowly up the legs and arms


If you want to read more on this, google Kneipp Wechselduschen (all in German). I've been doing this for over 20 years and I hardly ever get a cold or flu. And I'm not saggy either. Score.

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