January 17, 2015

style stories #12: Part deux Critics Choice Awards LA in living color


Jennifer Aniston in Gucci. And no catfight. I was KIDDING! Now, I was watching one of the (too) many shows dedicated to celebrity idoltry and the guest stylist said this: This is the sexiest outfit EVER. Jenn has NEVER looked better." I'll go with that. One critque I do have: the hair. A low chignon would have been perfect.

Angelina Jolie in retro? Something like that. All were aflutter since this was an event where the then and now Mrs. Pitt shared limelight. Scandel! Not really. But well, maybe a bit. I have a critique for the hair again: too buffonesque.

Amy Adams in shimmering bronze. My job is done. Nothing to say. Perfection.

Diane Kruger in Naeem Kahn. Polished red carpet appearance as always. I wish a grand role for Ms. Kruger one of these years so I don't have to feel sorry for her that she always comes to these events without any pressing reason.

Emily Blunt. Lady in Red. Don't mess with me. Hot.

Jenny Slate in the best #LBD seen. Who is Jenny Slate?

Julianne Moore. Also in black. Nice. Better in movement than for stills this gown. Appearing for her role in "Still Alice". Kristin Stewart stars alongside Ms. Moore, as her daughter. For that reason, I'd like to see the film. Otherwise, I find movies about dementia too depressing. Is that wrong? I like happy movies like "Looney Tunes". I missed a showing at the library this afternoon. Looney Tunes is the best.


photos courtesy of popsugar.com



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