January 1, 2015

style stories #1

the best thing about New Years Day? An entire day already in the new year but you don't have to address any of your higher aspirations (let's not call them resolutions just yet) where you can sink deep into that fat comfy chair sofa thing, covered in the softest blanket (up to your chin because your friend's mom does not believe in turning the heat above 65 F and it's 25F outside. Oh, and yes, that's the wind howling) wearing the softest sweatpants, soft thick socks and softly worn sweet smelling sweatshirt (she does use the loveliest subtle smelling detergent though. All my clothes have been washed, dried and folded in the sweetest way) All soft. All comfy. All like heavenly. 

"Breakfast is ready!" fried eggs, hot coffee, sweet strawberry jam on toast. I missed that though. 

Back to the chair sofa and blanket. Oh wait, I have to go and get lemons from the store. What? The store is open? Yes. The store is open. Boots on and soft sweater over sweatshirt underneath coat. Back 45 minutes later with half frozen lemons. I don't have to go out anymore, do I? Listen to Bach. Doze. Parts Unknown on TV. Anthony Bourdain in Paraguay. Madame Lynch? Madame Lynch. The Evita before the Argentinian Evita. Except she didn't like the downtrodden much. 

"Baked clams ready!" with a glass of white wine. Riesling? I think so. Then cornish hens with stuffing. More wine. 

Back to the sofa chair and blanket constellation. Did I brush my teeth today? Take a shower? Doesn't matter. It's New Year's Day. 

That's the best thing about New Year's Day. 

style stories #1

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