January 23, 2015

style stories #14: the dark night: it doesn't have to be a dress

the idea of a cute sexy dress is brilliant. It's just when it comes down to actually putting one on in the winter months that the resistance sets in. Well, my resistance anyway.
"No way. Too cold."
I'm not saying you aren't going to feel the chill with trousers but somehow, the visual cue to shiver is diffused somewhat when the legs are covered. I feel less cold when I see myself (or others) with covered legs standing outside at some bar at 2AM having a smoke.

and really, worse comes to worse, and you are absolutely not willing to sacrifice your warm wooly sweater, thick socks, winter boots and well-worn super comfy jeans for something dressier:
moisturize the face ( Dr. Hauschka Rose Creme)
apply a light BB creme (Lierac BB creme is the best because it leaves skin with the dew factor ie moist looking and feeling - absolutely love it)
some nude lip balm (that seventies style)
apply lots of mascara to top and bottom lashes
Yves Saint Laurent eclat touche (everybody loves this, I use it too but am searching for an alternative) for any undereye darkness
scrunch and tousle the hair
some hair spray sparingly
ready, set, go. Warm and cool. Love it.

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