December 10, 2014

royality: Kate and Wills take Manhattan

Cousin Beatrice, what are you doing here? Or is this Eugenie..?

Not a huge fan of the British Royal Family (the whole your royal highness with a curtsy business is just too much for this socialist heart) we do acquiesce to the tenure of grace, tradition, customs and general merriment surrounding the whole spectacle. Royalty has to do with history, mainly because the nobility had the means to save treasures and mentor artists throughout the centuries which we of the common rabble may admire in museums, castles, palaces, parks and such. Thank you your highness. Oh pardon. your Royal highness

So Kate and Wills took Manhattan (royals have a keen sense of not overstaying their welcome) and we had to endure a few (many) silly morning show hosts gushing and demonstrating their ability to curtsy, wear those abomonators (or whatever those tiny hats are called - I forget every time) and use accents so ghastly they lift Dick Van Dyke's historically awful Cockney accent in "Mary Poppins" up at least half a notch. Have you heard Dick Van Dyke in "Mary Poppins"? I don't understand why Julie Andrews, as a native Brit, didn't say anything. Although, she probably figured it was a lost cause.

What one can and should also appreciate about the Royals: their understatement in sartorial issues, their grace and manners. Old school and old world charm seems so refreshing, don't you think? Local royalty was chilll during the clash of the cultures at the basketball game in Brooklyn. You know, low on the bling and stuff. But the label on Beyonce's bag was just ugh. Tacky, girl.

At the charity event the following, Kate doned a lovely dress (beautiful color and neckline and just all around flattering gown) by Jenny Peckham. We agree with the fug girls: kilts for everyone would have been so much more fun. The Cambridges (see, without the Duke and Duchess prefix, just doesn't sound right) were attending an evening at the MET honoring St.Andrews (the university where Kate and Wills met).  A table at the event went for $125000 with proceeds going to non-royals aka the poor impoverished who'd like to mingle with royalty during and after class so that their life has more meaning. You know how powerful the royal glow can be. (I am kidding.. You know that don't you..)

images courtesy of (they took the photos from somewhere too but their post inspired me to post this - so thanks ladies!)

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