December 5, 2014

how to avoid the 'I don't have anything to wear!' dilemma

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Isn't it hardest figuring out what to wear to a 'party'? We'll use 'party' as the designated word for any event requiring silk and lace undergarments (you just can't wear cotton knickers under a silk brocade dress) First of all, I'd like to look lovely and more importantly, feel lovely. While H&M can be a life saver with their $35 dresses, sometimes you'd just love to have that perfect dress hanging in your closet already. A dress that won't wilt, crumble, crinkle, shrivel and have weird threads hanging about after one outing. A dress that makes you stand a little taller and prouder when you slip it over your hips and zip it up. A dress that stands the test of time. Usually, that dress is black. The little black dress doesn't have its own acronym for nothing.
We'd like to make a playdoer for the #LLD: the lovely little dress ie any other color. Shades of egg shell, ivory, gold can be very flattering which is why we've chosen the three frocks with slippers we find to be nigh perfection. Hair in a low chignon and voila.
Spending thousands on a lovely dress isn't necessary. We like the in-between price range. Seems just too decadent to spend more. Really. And since dresses, specifically 'let's go to the ballet' dresses may be extracted from the ephemery of trendy trends, we like to spend a little more than $35. And the shoes. You must have shoes that love your feet and the dress. Cheap shoes are ghastly (I've just had a vision of my heel cracking under pressure) So, yes, lovely shoes.
How to be prepared? Well, be prepared. Plan ahead. Think ahead. Browse the sites and buy when you see something not when you need a piece of perfection. Which means, start looking at bathing suits and swim suits now.
Walter, you may serve cake and coffee now.
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