November 13, 2014

serial love: Gracepoint

Yes, "Gracepoint" is an imitation of the excellent British crime drama/krimi series "Broadchurch". However, "Gracepoint" remains vastly superior to 90% of the fare on US television (and German television for that matter which I know alot about). To quote a comment off imdb, "it pains me to think of all the drivel becoming hits with audiences while this intelligent drama flounders." 

Is Gracepoint floundering? I don't follow the charts. All I can do is express my love and respect for  the work done on the show and that includes the entire cast and crew. Admittedly, holding its own against its sister series "Broadchurch" has a lot to do with the presence of David Tennant as Detective Emmett Carver because he is brilliant as the tortured introverted cop. Anna Gunn isn't quite charming as the original Ellie Miller (British actress Oliva Colan) but honestly, Ms. Gunn is a different type of personality and her brittle manner fits in perfectly with the story and with her co-star Mr. Tennant. The original has more nuances, a larger palette of greys and shadows but I'd like to stress that "Gracepoint" is currently one of the best shows on US TV.  And it's not on cable. Everyone can watch it and watch it you should. 

If you love Scandinavian crime dramas and or British crime or if you were a fan of the US version of  "The Killing",  you will love this because "Gracepoint" contains  the same authenticity and sensibility found in our favorites. Give it a go. You won't regret it. 

Gracepoint on Fox Thursdays 9PM
full episodes available here  if you're within the United States or can fake an US IP address 

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